Third Theatre Berlin

Third Theatre Berlin offers weekly training for actors and performance artists.

The focus is on artistic individuality and the development of a personal technique.

Third Theatre Berlin is an initiative of the actor and director Lukas König. It is a homage to Eugenio Barba.

Training is the source from which the Third Theatre Berlin emerges.



What do we train?

To be present and awake in spoken and physical expression without disturbing the lively unfolding of the gestures through control.

The training and development of an individual technique and the possibility to feel free in playing are promoted in a natural way.

It is about the development of artistic individuality, within a free ensemble.

How do we train?

Individually, in a shared space.

The exercises and the rhythm of the training are taken individually. The common atmosphere that is created in the room serves as a protective space, source of inspiration and mirror.

There are additional suggestions and space for questions at the beginning and end of the training.

The training has an exploratory, playful character with high concentration and full energy.

"Lukas's leadership means to collaborate together and explore what is in the atmosphere, within us and beyond. Lukas intuitively reacts on what is coming and how to organically bend and transform the structure of the work. I am looking forward to further cooperation!"
Jan Voda
Psychodrama therapist
"Through the exercises and playing I got much more in touch with myself, didn't think so much about my performance and could be much easier in the here and now as myself and just let my talent flow."
Maarja Purga
Opera singer

You want to join?

The training usually takes place once or twice a week (in Berlin or Eberswalde) and lasts 90 minutes. Participation costs 75€ per month and is paid in advance.

The prerequisite for participation in the training is prior attendance of an introductory workshop. These take place approx. 4 times a year and run from Thursday, 3 pm, to Sunday, 1 pm. Participation costs a one-time fee of 225€ + accommodation and meals, if applicable. Contents are:

basics & inner attitude | presence & pre-expressivity | improvisation & repetition | theatre anthropology | training & play | developing your own training | training, rehearsal & performance.

For participants of the weekly training, the quarterly introductory workshops are included. They receive in-depth suggestions and individual support for their training.

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